Rapid Prototyping China: Vacuum Casting Methods
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The silicone mould is one of the prototype casting methods. It has advantages of short time, little cost, small probability of processing failure and so on. It is able to manufacture more than 20 same products with just one silicone mould. Materials of this product include: ABS, PP, PC, PMMA,high-temperature resistant material, flexible glue and silicone rubber.

Three steps of processing prototype casting:

Before manufacturing silicone mould, it needs to manufacture the prototype first. The prototype can adopt more common ABS material, for example CNC processing is ok.

Silicone mould

After preparing the prototype, it’s time to start manufacturing silicone mould.

After drying for eight hours, cut up the silicone mould and take out the prototype. At this point, the silicone mould is ready.

The above are processing steps of casting. You can quickly make batch of prototypes through the three steps.

Definition: The vacuum injection, that is vacuum casting, is to make use of the original sample to manufacture the de-aeration, stirring, preheating and injection for castables under the vacuum state, in order to clone the copies the same as the original samples. This technology has a high speed and a low cost, and it can also greatly reduce cost, cycle and risk of developing product.

The materials firstly need to be made prototype before manufacturing a silicone mould. After preparing the prototype, it can start manufacturing the silicone mould. After drying for several hours, cut up the silicone mould and take out the prototype. At this point, the silicone mould is ready. Inject the liquid gum material into the silicone mould, and it will be ok just after drying. Both the poured liquid material and the silicone material of silicone mould are called by a joint name asvacuum injection material, also called casting material!

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