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Our Strength

Here's What We Can Do For You !

NICE Rapid is What Your Prototypes & Rapid Tooling Needs in China
  • Quick Response
    After we get your enquiry, our international team of experts will promptly review your requirements and provide you with a quotation within 24 hours or less.
  • Competitive Price
    We are based in China with western management and procedures. Our prices will be 30~60% cost lower compared to Western prices.
  • Quality Guarantee
    We have a strict system of quality control and reports. Consistent quality comes first on every project. We will give you our quick solutions when you have some feedback.
  • Professional Analysis And Suggestions
    Most of our engineers have more than 10+ years working experience, each project will be carefully checked by our professional project team.
  • Timely project follow-up
    During the process of your project, we will inform you timely through photos, videos and reports to show you the details you want to know.
  • Full Service
    From all your prototypes, rapid tooling and low-volume manufacturing to finishing/assembly, we do want to ensure that we meet our customer’s need and we are able to provide fully managed services.

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