Rapid Low-Pressure Prototyping (Low Volume Production) With Reaction Injection Molding
By Nice Rapid | May 03 , 2020

The low pressure prototyping technology(Low Volume Production) is to produce silicone mold under low pressure conditions with prototype (such as: rapid prototyping pieces, samples, prototype sample), and cast with PU materials under low pressure conditions, thereby clone the replica same as the prototype. The low pressure molding technology can be applied to production in small batch injection molding with changed material of product prototype and assembling prototype so as to meet the requirements of performance test in the process of product development, marketing, inspection, examination and approval. 

Our company is well equipped with large and medium-sized low-pressure casting system, which can quickly produce silicone molds and resin molds based on the prototype through the low pressure casting and reaction injection molding system to help produce samples of plastic parts in small batch injection molding. The investment into silicone molds and resin molds are much lower than that in copper mold and other industrial equipment. In this way, the development cycle is greatly shortened to reduce the investment risk of product development and greatly improved the market competitiveness of customers. 

Technical parameters: 

Applicable mold: Silicone mold (service life: 10-20 workpieces).

Casting materials: a two-component polyurethane PU. Currently used materials: AXSON polyurethane resin, Hei - cast polyurethane resin. 

Physical properties: like ABS, PP, nylon, PMMA/PC transparent parts, soft rubber parts  (40-90 shord D), high temperature resistant parts (150 ℃), fire retardant materials and so on. 

Working time: 1-4 hours/part. 

Standard replication accuracy: ± 0.20 mm / 100 mm. 

Thickness of casting sample: 0.5 mm at minimum, 1.5 mm -5 mm at maximum. 

Largest casting workpiece: 2000 mmx1200mmx1000mm 

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