About Us

About Us

Meet the NICE Rapid Tooling Team

Currently, we are a team of over 50 employees, with over half being technical experts and more than a third having 10 or more years of rapid tooling & prototype manufacturing experience. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in rapid tooling using both aluminium and steel moulds.  

  • Steven ZhangSteven Zhang Managing Director
    • More about Steven Zhang

      Steven joined the mould industry in 2003, after graduating in tooling design & manufacturing and has more than 13 years of experience in mould-manufacture and project management. He has been with NICE Rapid since January 2015, starting as a project director. 

      Prior to joining us, he served as a tooling project engineer at a famous foreign-owned prototyping company in China from 2010 to 2015. Steven managed projects especially for overseas customers during this period and he learned a lot about western management, rapid tooling, prototyping and injection tooling techniques.

  • Kun LinKun Lin Factory Manager
    • More about Kun Lin

      After graduating from technical school in 1997, Kun Lin started work in the mould industry as an apprentice mould-maker, becoming a mould master 3 years later. After he served his time as an apprentice, he worked as a mould-manufacturing team leader from 2005 and has been a mould department manager since 2009. In total, he has over 18 years of experience in mould-making, rapid tooling (aluminium mould/steel mould & die cast mould) and manufacturing.

  • Jason ZhuJason Zhu Technical Sales Engineer
    • More about Jason Zhu

      Jason received his Bachelor’s Degree from Nanchang University in mould design and manufacturing, after 4 years of study. He started his tooling career as a tooling operator at Foxconn in 2006 and, soon afterwards, he became a mould designer in the same company. Due to his business group moving to Henan in 2009, he left Foxconn and joined Amphenol in Shenzhen as a project manager. From 2012, Jason worked as a Sales Engineer at a famous foreign-owned prototyping company in China. He learned and combined western management methods with his work experience in low-volume production, rapid tooling, prototyping, injection moulding and die casting.

      Jason joined the NICE Team in April 2015. He is an expert in Chinese moulds, moulding, and the casting market and is very experienced in working with multiple Chinese suppliers and foreign customers. Jason can provide strong technical support for client projects, making full use of his rich experience to assist customers to get the best quality part at the lowest cost.

  • Eric ChenEric Chen Project Engineer
    • More about Eric Chen

      Graduating as an engineer and with five years industry experience in tooling and prototyping, Eric is very familiar with many manufacturing processes and has successfully helped multiple clients realise their designs. With his excellent "outside of the box" thinking style and rich experience, Eric knows exactly what you want and advises accordingly. He is a real team player at NICE Rapid and will handle your project from the beginning to the end.

  • Tim XiaoTim Xiao Project Engineer
    • More about Tim Xiao

      Tim graduated from Mechanical and Electrical College in 2005. He has over ten years’ experience working in the tooling and manufacturing field. In 2005, as a project engineer at TONTEC Moulding Company, Tim was in charge of the whole manufacturing process, from the first manufacture to final production in accordance with the clients' requirements, for example delivery replication, dimension report submission and sample inspection. Over the past ten years, he has gained a wealth of manufacturing knowledge and project management experience, which he will now use to serve you at NICE Rapid.

  • James YangJames Yang Project Engineer
    • More about James Yang

      James graduated from Ezhou Polytechnic with college degree in Machine Manufacture Technology & Equipment in 2000. After graduation, he started working as a mechanical technician and became a product designer after 2 years. Then he switched to a mould & plastic industry in 2004 and had worked as an exported mould designer for 8 years, until he jumped to the tool/component project trace and management in 2012. So up to now, James already has 12+ years experience at tool manufacture and injection moulding. He is a specialist in this field. And he has solid professional knowledge at:

      DFM-- New tooled part manufacturability report, part structure optimisation and suggestion;
      Trouble shooting--- Resolve or improve existing parts, tools or injection moulding issues;
      Injection mould design;
      Mould flow analysis and practical application.

      Now in 2017, James joins Nice Rapid team as a tooling project Engineer. He hopes that his professional knowledge and experience can help you acquire qualified parts on schedule.

  • Tony ZengTony Zeng Quality Control Engineer
    • More about Tony Zeng

      Since his first job in 2003, Tony has devoted himself to product quality control. As a site inspector, he mainly focussed on quality inspection and has a good command of all kinds of quality control skills and methods as a consequence of this previous experience. Tony is now a quality engineer who has amassed a rich experience of both quality control and client/department relationship management. Now Tony has joined us at NICE Rapid, he will strive to apply his accumulated experience of quality management and control throughout the business.

  • Selina LinSelina Lin Marketing Assistant
    • More about Selina Lin

      After graduating from Lingnan Normal University and receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Selina is our communications expert! She has excellent problem solving skills and aims to bring her energy and enthusiasm for life and work to NICE Rapid and its clients. Selina is in charge of arranging client meetings and is especially adept at helping our non-Chinese speaking clients communicate with our Chinese engineers, in order to complete projects to specification. She is also learning more about engineering and is hoping to grow with NICE in order to provide the service you expect.

  • Kathy ZengKathy Zeng Logistics Specialist
    • More about Kathy Zeng

      Graduating from Chengdu Mechanics and Electronics College in 2005, Kathy has over 10 years’ experience in the engineering business and worked as an assistant buyer for a famous foreign trade company in Shenzhen in 2007. She has a good knowledge of raw materials in relation to machining, packing and electronic components and is also trained in purchasing.

      In 2010, Kathy was promoted to shipping clerk and, as a result of this experience; she is now our logistics expert! Alongside this, Kathy understands the importance of communication and team-work and works hard to provide good customer services at NICE Rapid.

  • Bonnie HeBonnie He Financial Accountant
    • More about Bonnie He
      Bonnie graduated as a junior college student and has four-year working experience in accountancy. At her last two jobs, Bonnie dealt with general ledger management, being a good supporter between the sales and customers. And also Bonnie helped to regulate and aggregate the company account, being a bridge between the company and banks. With Bonnie came to us, it would make our company business run into a better and more organized way. So would it help to accelerate our speed of providing a good service for our customers. What’s more, Bonnie is a beautiful and sweet girl, who deals with her work with great patience and devotion. 
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