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Why Manufacture In China?
Dec 14 , 2016 | Industry News
Do we ever begin to wonder why we manufacture in China? I think that it is easy to say that a lot of companies first begin to look at China purely due to economic constraints and then, after they realise that the quality and service are also comparable with, if not better than, home manufacturers, the product.... read more
Novel Invention Solves Threading Conundrum…
Dec 09 , 2016 | Industry News
The website reports that a new moulding method which allows threaded inserts has become a reality, thanks to an ingenious company called Little star Plastics Inc. and its IndiCert product. Previously, it was a real technical challenge to ensure that either moulded or mechanically... read more
Rapid Prototyping Is Treated As The Ideal Sample Creator But Why?
Dec 08 , 2016 | Industry News
With a group of qualified management professionals, we, at Nice Rapid have a specialised team for tooling design, quality control and project management in both rapid tooling and low-volume production. We present to you Rapid prototyping China. With rapid prototyping approach, you have an... read more
Not quite Dr’s orders for 3D Printing
Dec 01 , 2016 | Industry News reports that even though the technology is well-established and highly regarded, now is not yet the time to let 3D printing loose on intricate medical products. Speaking to Eric Sugalasi, the President and CEO of Smithwise,a U.S.-based design, engineering and manufacturing... read more
The Future is Bright for Plastics!
Nov 25 , 2016 | Industry News
As reported by and debuting at the K Show, which is the top European plastics and injection moulding trade show, is a new colour calibration database from Clarinet, developed in conjunction with match my colour and Minolta. Minolta have provided their large and... read more
Will Trump To Look Overseas For Manufacturing?
Nov 23 , 2016 | Industry News
Hot on the heels of the controversial President-elect’s win over Hillary Clinton, a debate is raging as to whether Donald Trump will look to reduce the U.S.’s dependence on external manufacturing and bring such production back home, in order to increase GDP and also to provide more job opportunities for its... read more
3D Printing Grows Wings!
Oct 20 , 2016 | Industry News
Global engineering giant GE has become one of the first companies in the world to 3D print parts for aircraft jet engines using additive engineering, as reported by The company’s ‘LEAP’ range of engines, which are produced jointly with SNECMA of France, will contain 19 combustion... read more
Engel Expands with New Southeast Asian Subsidiary
Oct 08 , 2016 | Industry News
Plastics Today reports that Engel, the injection moulding machine manufacturer based in Austria, has launched a new sales and service subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This will allow it to expand its operations in the region and raise the profile of the business in Southeast Asia, as well as promoting... read more
Find The Niche With Rapid Prototype Tooling
Oct 07 , 2016 | Industy News
Rapid Prototype Tooling provides the closer in the product development process in the automotive industry. Being an integral part of the entire automotive engineering process, this allows the engineers to figure out what will appeal to the consumers and what will work eventually in the market or even to... read more
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