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Guangdong to Become Plastics ‘Hub’ of China!
Sep 29 , 2016 | Industy News
Just as we thought Guangdong could not get any bigger and better in terms of manufacturing, Injection Moulding Asia has reported that the province is to hold the Chinaplas exhibition in 2017. Not content with being China’s base for manufacturing electrical appliances, cars and... read more
Apple Announce Metal Injection Mold-made Hinges on New Macbook
Sep 28 , 2016 | Industry News
MacRumors has announced that Apple will make the new MacBook with metal injection mold-made (MIM) hinges in a bid to make the iconic laptop even thinner. Suppliers based in both the United States and China are expected to supply the hinges to Apple, which are similar to the components used... read more
How to Find the Best China Rapid Prototyping Machine?
Aug 02 , 2016 | Industry News
Prototyping services are tough as it requires various parts and components but the biggest flaw in the manufacturing of China rapid prototyping is the mass production. Therefore, you must find reputable rapid prototyping services assist design engineers who can efficiently make the product, after... read more
Benefits of Using Rapid Prototype China
Jul 05 , 2016 | Industry News
Technology is growing day-by-day and thus, the designing tools are getting better every passing day. One of those are Rapid Prototype China, it is used to create a 3D model of a part or product. It also tests the products design before the final production in a larger quantity. A rapid prototype... read more
Prototype Manufacturing Company - Advantages and Disadvantages of PMMA Prototypes
Jun 28 , 2016 | Industry News
The PMMA material is also known asplexiglass, which is one of the materials in fabricating prototype.  PMMA is a kind of plastic of high light transmittance which can be plasticized after being heated. It can allow about ninety-nine percent of light and seventy-three percent of... read more
China Die Casting - Problems and Improving Measures in Die Casting Production
Jun 26 , 2016 | Industy News
A lot of quality problems may be encountered in die casting production, which are caused by various reasons. The quality problems in production shall be reasonably identified. The root causes shall be found before it is possible to put forward the corresponding feasible improvement measures, so as... read more
Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing China - Electroplating Process of Prototypes
Jun 23 , 2016 | Industry News
Why shall the prototypes be electroplated?  After the prototypes or parts are formed, the metal luster on their surface is dull. While the surface of prototypes subjected to electroplating process are covered with metallic luster. Through electroplating, prototypes are rust... read more
SLA & SLS 3D Printing & Prototyping
Jun 22 , 2016 | Industry News
SLA rapid prototyping is short for Stereo lithography Appearance, it is a type of rapid prototyping China offers which uses photosensitive resin as raw material. The liquid resin is scanned with ultraviolet laser under the control of computer along the contour track of each layer on the predetermined... read more
CNC Prototyping - Rapid CNC Machining - NICE Rapid
Jun 22 , 2016 | Industry News
In prototype fabrication with CNC, the 3D data can be programmed and analyzed with the method of CNC machining. Qualified samples can be fabricated directly with the materials such as ABS, PMMA and nylon. CNC prototyping is capable of producing samples with desirable surface quality at fast speed, especially for... read more
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