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Die Casting China: China Minimizes the Cost
Jan 12 , 2017 | Nice News
At the present time, you can find ample amount of examples in various industries like medical, automotive and healthcare where the tooling expense is not determined. There are various professionals providing low volume production in order to help the manufacturers produce their products. In doing so,... read more
High Speed Rail Service Extended!
Jan 10 , 2017 | Regional News
Three new high speed rail services between Zhuhai and other parts of China will be launched this month and all will pass through Guangzhou en route to their destinations. The trains will travel from Zhuhai to Shanghai (13 hours), Guiyang (7 hours) and Changsha (4 hours), cutting the journey time between the... read more
New Look, New Job!
Dec 27 , 2016 | Nice News
Not only is Selina helping to roll-out the new branding and company name, she also has a new job! Yes, our lovely Selina has moved from the sales floor to the marketing department and is now a marketing assistant, in charge of our social media accounts, advertising and other general marketing... read more
Merry Christmas and Happy 2017!
Dec 23 , 2016 | Nice News
Hello everyone, here comes the Christmas and New Year 2017! The weather in Zhongshan is rather warm in this winter and we hope the warmest wishes could also be sent to all of our customers and of course, the ones who concerning on our website. Look at our Christmas card below and we hope... read more
How Does Prototyping Work With Designs?
Dec 09 , 2016 | Nice News
By using a rapid prototyping service, you can save time, money and effort by both the company and the client. Prototyping China  ensures a superior-quality finished product by the help of this advanced technology. One thing that makes rapid prototyping services ... read more
Do You Know All About Die Casting?
Dec 01 , 2016 |
Most engineers focus heavily on the weight of the material and therefore, Die Casting China is made mostly aluminum, magnesium and zinc. When designing components and selecting the right material is crucial and it is not fair to overlook the qualities zinc has. Many applications require parts to be lighter... read more
What Is Die Casting & The Benefits?
Nov 19 , 2016 | Nice News
  We offer you Die Casting China at the best quality. Being the respected industry for years, we wish to gather as many loyal customers as  we can. Die casting is a manufacturing process for producing metal parts by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a die... read more
NICE Rapid’s Newest Recruit!
Nov 15 , 2016 | Nice News
NICE Rapid has added a new member to the team in the shape of Bonnie, our new financial accountant. She is in charge of ensuring that the books balance and checking we don’t spend all of our money on too many expensive machines! Bonnie graduated as a junior college student and, since then, has had four... read more
A Professional Rapid Prototyping & Rapid Tooling Manufacturer in China
Jun 22 , 2016 | Nice News
NICE is a professional Rapid Prototyping, low-volume manufacturing and rapid tooling manufacturer in China. It is devoted to providing efficient solutions to reduce product R&D expenditure and time and timely launch products to the market. Our prototype... read more
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