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SLA & SLS 3D Printing & Prototyping
Jun 22 , 2016 | Industry News
SLA rapid prototyping is short for Stereo lithography Appearance, it is a type of rapid prototyping China offers which uses photosensitive resin as raw material. The liquid resin is scanned with ultraviolet laser under the control of computer along the contour track of each layer on the predetermined... read more
CNC Prototyping - Rapid CNC Machining - NICE Rapid
Jun 22 , 2016 | Industry News
In prototype fabrication with CNC, the 3D data can be programmed and analyzed with the method of CNC machining. Qualified samples can be fabricated directly with the materials such as ABS, PMMA and nylon. CNC prototyping is capable of producing samples with desirable surface quality at fast speed, especially for... read more
Rapid Prototyping Service: Advantages and Disadvantages of PMMA Prototypes
Jun 22 , 2016 | Industry News
The PMMA material is also known as plexiglass, which is one of the materials in fabricating prototype.  PMMA is a kind of plastic of high light transmittance which can be plasticized after being heated. It can allow about ninety-nine percent of light and seventy-three... read more
Rapid Prototyping China: Methods and Types for Prototype Manufacture
May 10 , 2016 | Industry News
1. CNC prototype manufacture With the numerical control process technology of CNC machining center, it can precisely process on materials of ABS or PMMA to produce transparent rapid prototyping prototypes with high intensity. 2. Laser rapid-prototyping prototype... read more
Rapid Prototype Manufacturing: Technical Details of Prototype Manufacture
May 08 , 2016 | Industry News
1. The regular product prototype usually selects ABS material, as the prototypes, made from this material, are easy to process and have a pretty beautiful post-processing. 2.High-temperature resistant product prototype is able to select materials of (1) epoxy resin; (2) chemical wood;... read more
China Prototype Manufacturing: Concept and Function of Prototype Manufacture
May 08 , 2016 | Industry News
What is prototype? (Product model) The prototypes are one or few functional sample boards, which are made before opening mould, on the basis of product appearance drawings or structure drawings, in order to check the rationality of appearance or structure. Functions of... read more
China Prototype Manufacturing: Functions of Prototype
May 07 , 2016 | Industry News
1. Inspect appearance design The prototype is not only visible, but is tangible, which results in intuitively reflecting the designer's originality in the form of material object. 2. Inspect structure design As the prototype is mountable, it can intuitively reflect whether... read more
China Rapid Prototyping: Spray Painting Treating Process of Prototypes
Apr 29 , 2016 | Industry News
If it needs any spray painting treating process after finish the prototypes, please note that the SLA rapid prototyping work-piece doesn’t suit the high glossy surface treatment, because it has used the photosensitive resin, which is not good for adhering oil paint to achieve the desired glossiness effect.... read more
Rapid Prototyping Services China: The Advanced Technology
Mar 22 , 2017 |
Advanced and Additive Manufacturing (AM) has seen a great increase in investment, growth, and development in the previous decade. For metals by itself, AM means a move from mold-based component ideas and the constraints that go with those to quick iteration, development of ideas with full geometric independence.... read more
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