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Cleared For Takeoff? Maybe Next Year…
Mar 14 , 2017 | National news
Well, not a week goes by in the papers without hearing about the worsening congestion facing the Chinese aviation industry and the ensuing lengthy delays travellers have to suffer when trying to get into or out of China by air. Everyone has a story about how long they have been stuck in airport departure... read more
Is Chinese Manufacturing Declining?
Mar 09 , 2017 | National news
The U.K.’s Daily Telegraph newspaper has reported an article that first appeared in the China Daily, discussing the current underlying issues facing manufacturing in China.  Well, in the interests of balance from my story last week on why manufacturing in China is so worthwhile, I thought that we should... read more
Is The Route to Economic Success Through Our Stomachs?
Mar 02 , 2017 | National news
Have you ever eaten a hotpot in Shanxi or a dumpling in Shanghai and thought that this is something really special? Well, not only are the Chinese evolving in their industrial landscape, they are also doing so in their culinary endeavours, with a new-found zeal for artisanal produce produced in... read more
Chinese Surgeons Undertake 3D Printed Heart Surgery!
Feb 22 , 2017 | National news
Chinese surgeons in Changsha have performed some of first paediatric cardiothoracic surgery in the world after training on 3D printed hearts prior to undertaking the operation, as reported by the China Daily this week. The two patients – one, a girl, suffering from hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy and... read more
Why You Should Manufacture In China!
Feb 15 , 2017 | National news
With all the speculation in the American media regarding Donald Trump’s desire to bring manufacturing back ‘in-house’ to the U.S.A., we will take a look as to why China is still such a fantastic place to manufacture and why this should matter to you. Generally, when you think of... read more
Guangdong Now Wealthier than Beijing!
Dec 20 , 2016 | Guangdong News
China Daily has announced that the number of High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) in Guangdong has exceeded that of Beijing, based on a report by Taikang and Hurun. The report interviewed 1125 HNWIs across China, as well as focusing on 30 individuals from the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and... read more
Saving For A Rainy Day?
Dec 12 , 2016 | National news
The U.K.’s Daily Mail reports that saving for a rainy day has a totally new meaning in Zhengzhou, as a man decided that he wanted to buy a new car and raided his piggy bank! The man from Liaoning was looking to purchase a new vehicle and apparently tried a few different dealerships before finding one who would... read more
China and Russia Test Weapons with ‘Virtual War’!
Dec 07 , 2016 | China News
The Economic Times of India reports that China and Russia have, for the first time, taken part in a joint computer-aided simulation in order to test systems and cooperation between their armed forces. It has been made clear by the Chinese Ministry of Defence that the virtual simulation does not target any other... read more
Beginning of a New Era For Shenzhen/Hong Kong Stock Exchange Link
Dec 06 , 2016 | National news
Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect commenced yesterday, this being the second link between Hong Kong and Mainland Stock Exchanges, which was initially set-up in 2014 between Shanghai and Hong Kong. The benefits of undertaking such a link are likely to be due to the opening of the tech-heavy Shenzhen market to Hong... read more
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