China and Russia Test Weapons with ‘Virtual War’!
By NICE Rapid | Dec 07 , 2016

The Economic Times of India reports that China and Russia have, for the first time, taken part in a joint computer-aided simulation in order to test systems and cooperation between their armed forces. It has been made clear by the Chinese Ministry of Defence that the virtual simulation does not target any other country and the test is being undertaken to allow the two nuclear-capable countries to prepare for provocative or accidental strikes by other countries possessing nuclear weapons.

Li Jie, a military expert based in Beijing, stated in the Global Times that “modern simulation technology” will be used in the simulations. It is likely that such simulations will involve various Chinese Supercomputers located strategically throughout the country, as Russia is not known to have access to computing power of the magnitude necessary for the simulations and it is probably relying on the Chinese to provide data from the tests for them to use in their own military planning scenarios. It is also stated that Russia has a more advanced early-warning and shore-based interception technology, whilst China possesses superior sea-based detection capabilities. Sharing information from each likely scenario is going to aid both militaries and enables such information to be gathered without firing a single ICBM, which is more cost effective and quicker than usual testing of such capabilities.

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