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Benefits Of Using Prototyping Technology
May 09 , 2017 |
Rapid prototype is a process which works as a sample for the actual model or product, it is the prototype developed for the purpose of testing various product features. It tests different aspects of a model or a product starting from ideas, design, features, functions, performance and output and much more. It is... read more
Our Five Top Tips For Moulding Design
May 04 , 2017 | Tech News
We know that you are experts at what you do and we like to think that we are the same. To ensure your product is manufactured to the highest quality and in the quickest time frame, we would like to give you five important points that may help you when starting on a new rapid tooling project: 1.)... read more
Artificial Intelligence is Going Places….
Mar 22 , 2017 | Tech News
Hot on the heels of Chinese technology companies reaping the rewards of their battle with their U.S. counterparts, comes the news in the China Daily that a Chinese-made computer has won a Chinese Chess or ‘Go’ game against another Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine. The computer, known as ‘FineArt’,... read more
Wacker Produces First 3D Printing Machine for Silicones
Sep 27 , 2016 | Tech News
Injection Moulding Asia has announced that Wacker, the German chemicals company, will showcase additive manufacturing of silicone parts using the Aceo Imagine Series K printer, with the company stating that, up until this point, “there is no mature 3D printing technology available for... read more
What Are Suitable Materials for Prototype?
Jun 27 , 2016 | Tech News
In the following four materials for prototype, only black PC can be spliced, while the other three materials cannot be spliced but manufactured in one piece instead.  1.Prototypes of conventional products are generally made of ABS material,and the prototypes made of ABS are... read more
How to Choose Materials for Plastic Prototypes?
Jun 24 , 2016 | Tech News
There are many kinds of materials that can be used in prototype, and each has its different characteristics. Customers have their specific requirements on prototypes, some demanding high temperature resistant plastic prototypes, some demanding removable parts without affecting the strength, some customers... read more
Rapid Prototyping Service - Analysis on CNC machining of PMMA prototype
Jun 23 , 2016 | Tech News
The prototypes can represent the designer's ideas physically, which can be used to inspect the appearance and structure. One or a few prototypes can be made according to the product dimension drawing or structural drawings before mold making.  The advantages of CNC machining... read more
Injection Molding Design - Summary of Requirements on Mold Design Process
Jun 23 , 2016 | Tech News
The mold design is different from product design, because it is a process design itself. The basic requirements for mold design are:  1. The mold shall be able to complete the process of parts processing. 2. The equipment on which the mold is used shall be specified;... read more
China Die Casting: Special Attention on Use of Aluminium Die-Casting Mould
Jun 21 , 2016 | Tech News
The following points should be specially paid attention in the use of aluminum alloy die casting told: 1. The use of mould cooling system. Correctly use of mould cooling water can not only extend the service life of the mould, but also improve the production efficiency.... read more
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