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Injection Molding Design - Summary of Requirements on Mold Design Process
Jun 23 , 2016 | Tech News
The mold design is different from product design, because it is a process design itself. The basic requirements for mold design are:  1. The mold shall be able to complete the process of parts processing. 2. The equipment on which the mold is used shall be specified;... read more
China Die Casting: Special Attention on Use of Aluminium Die-Casting Mould
Jun 21 , 2016 | Tech News
The following points should be specially paid attention in the use of aluminum alloy die casting told: 1. The use of mould cooling system. Correctly use of mould cooling water can not only extend the service life of the mould, but also improve the production efficiency.... read more
Rapid Prototyping China: Vacuum Casting Methods
May 07 , 2016 | Tech News
The silicone mould is one of the prototype casting methods. It has advantages of short time, little cost, small probability of processing failure and so on. It is able to manufacture more than 20 same products with just one silicone mould. Materials of this product include: ABS, PP, PC,... read more
China Die Cast: How to Select Die-Casting Mould Steels?
May 05 , 2016 | Tech News
1. Classification of hot-work mould steels. American hot-work mold steels have two classifications: hot-work mould steels and super thermal intensity alloy. 2. Selection and use of hot-work mould steels. As worked in the condition of temperature, the material of hot-work die... read more
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