Advantages and Disadvantages of 3D Printing Technology SLA
By Nice Rapid | Mar 31 , 2020

3D printers use SLA, SLM, SLS and other methods. Among them, SLA is a more common printing technology. SLA technology, known as Stereo lithography Appearance, uses laser focus to light curing The surface of the material is solidified from point to line and from line to surface in sequence, and iterates over and over. This layer by layer form a three-dimensional solid, which also has its unique advantages and disadvantages:



1. Light curing molding is the earliest rapid prototype manufacturing process, with high maturity and time-tested.

2. Prototype is directly made from CAD digital model, with fast processing speed and short production cycle, no cutting tools and molds are needed.

3. It can process prototypes and molds with complex structure shapes or difficult to form using traditional methods.

4. Visualize the CAD digital model and reduce the cost of error repair.

Alas, to provide samples for the experiment, the results of computer simulation calculations can be verified and checked.

⒍, can be operated online, remote control, automatic production



1. The SLA system is expensive to build and expensive to use and maintain.

⒉SLA system is a precision equipment to operate liquids, and has strict requirements on working environment.

3. Most of the molded parts are resins, which have limited strength, stiffness and heat resistance, which is not conducive to long-term storage.⒋The pre-processing software and driver software have a large amount of calculation and are too highly correlated with the processing effect.

⒌The software system is complicated to operate and difficult to get started; the file format used is not familiar to the majority of designers. Stereoscopic light curing molding technology is monopolized by a single company. Prototype production, prototype model proofing. 

Above are the advantages and disadvantage for 3D Printing SLA, if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us at!


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