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About Us

NICE Rapid Specialists

We are a fast moving and leading rapid prototyping, tooling and low-volume manufacturing company.

To achieve this goal, we have brought together a group of qualified managers and experienced technicians,who have grown NICE into one of the China's finest Rapid Tooling Specialists.

Our core services include rapid tooling of aluminium and steel moulds, rapid injection moulding, rapid die casting and rapid CNC machining. NICE offers a wide variety of rapid tooling and low volume manufacturing services.

Whether you require a one off part for fit and function, a small batch run for product performance testing and marketing or a full low-volume production, NICE has the solution for you.

Our team can help you get exactly what you need — Low Cost & Fast Delivery!!!

See Our Company Introduction

Company Introduction Video
We are THE Rapid Specialists! NICE Rapid are a leading and fast-moving rapid tooling, prototyping and low-volume manufacturing...

See Our Facilites

See Our Facillites

Nice Rapid One-stop service provides strong support to your Rapid Tooling, Rapid Prototypes and Low Volume Manufacturing services in our plant with a floor size of...

Meet the Global Team

NICE customers spread around the world. There is a growing global team providing the best support service and even a face-to-face talk to find exact what you need...

Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Founder
NICE Rapid  NICE Rapid was founded by Steven Zhang in China. NICE Rapid is a company that provides high-quality prototyping, rapid tooling and low-volume...

History Of Nice Rapid

History Of  Nice Rapid
Nice Rapid Tooling Manufacturing Limited Nice Rapid was founded by Steven Zhang and Kun Lin in China. Nice Rapid is a one stop shop for...

Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection
Quality Assurance Quality can only be achieved through the best people. Therefore, NICE Rapid investment in employees and rigorous training programs...
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