Application of Aluminum Prototypes with Brushed Surface
By NICE Rapid | Jan 17 , 2020

Aluminum alloy material is a very common material in prototypes production now, it has good strength and light weight, so it is very convenient for surface treatment, such as sandblasting anodization, brushed surface with anodization, powder coating, baking paint, etc. These surface treatments can make prototypes look more beautiful!

Today let's discuss the common process of brushed surface with anodization!

Aluminum prototype can be divided into several kinds of brushed texture according to the needs of products, such as thick and fine lines, straight lines, random lines, ripples, threads and spiral lines.

Scribble brushed texture is a kind of irregular, non-marking matte silk pattern obtained by moving the aluminum alloy prototypes back and forth, left and right under a copper wire brush running at high speed. This processing requires a higher surface of the aluminum or aluminum alloy prototypes.

Straight brushed texture is obtained by mechanical friction on surface of aluminum prototypes, it can brush scratch and decorate surface. The corrugation is generally made on a brushing machine or a texturing machine, and the axial movement of the upper group of grinding rollers is used to polish the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate to obtain a wavy pattern.

Brush is a repair process, which can be used to decorate surface. If there are some local scratches on surface, we can brush the whole surface to obtain regular texture, this can cover scratches. 

Also, a layer of anodization coting is required on surface to prevent discoloration of aluminum alloy and air after brushed.  And this can be made into various colors to enhance aesthetics!

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