Application of Electroplating Surface Finish on Rapid Prototyping
By NICE Rapid | Jan 23 , 2020

Electroplating process is currently widely used in rapid prototyping.

During daily life, HydraLon is electroplated; The interior and exterior trim of the car used in the trip, such as door handles, and decorative parts are plated; Nowadays, the design of some daily consumer products is even more inseparable from electroplating.

Electroplating is a method of covering a conductor with a metal layer by using the principle of electrolysis. In salt solutions containing pre-plated metals (such as nickel, gold, etc.), With the product being coated as the cathode, pre-metallized cations in the plating solution are deposited on the surface of the base metal by electrolysis, a post-treatment for forming a plating layer.

Coatings of different metal materials will have different characteristics. It can be divided into decorative, functional and protective coatings. And it can increase hardness, prevent abrasion, improve conductivity, smoothness, heat resistance and beautiful surface.

There are two types of plating: water plating and vacuum plating. They have the very similar appearance but have completely different process methods. 


1. Advantages: It has strong adhesion, good gloss, stable performance, special resistance to scratches and friction, and good electrical conductivity. General functional rapid prototyping are relatively more plated with water.

2. Disadvantages: the color selectivity is small, and there is a very high requirement for the smoothness of the material surface, and the concealing ability is very weak.

Vacuum Plating:

1. Advantages: There are many color choices, and you can basically choose any color you like; in addition, the requirements for product material and surface flatness are less than those for water-plated products.

2. Disadvantage: the products are easy to be scratched and faded, and the adhesion is not as good as water plating in rapid prototyping.

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