Benefits of Low Volume Manufacturing
By Nice Rapid | Mar 14 , 2020

There is no difference between a prototype and a rapid prototype. A prototype is nothing but a model/design which comes out in a form of CAD design, which will help the engineers and the builders to understand the layout more quickly. Within 2-8 days the prototype can be done.

A rapid prototype is a process of fabricating the prototype.


Prototyping determines your best pathway to the marketplace based on your project’s goals and expectations, providing cost-effective and rationalized advice from designs, materials, production processes, manufacturability, etc. Short-run and low-volume production can be executed by different manufacturing methods. It creates sure that you will shift from prototype to production smoothly.


Some benefits of Low Volume Manufacturing.  


Save money

One of the key benefits of using Low Volume Manufacturing is saving money. If anyone going to manufacturer the parts like injection molding or pressure die casting, then you should make the large term investment in expensive tools steel. It is manufacturing more than 100K pieces is the best way for the people to avoid the expensive while producing the quality parts.


Manufacture parts quickly

Another reason for using the low volume manufacturing is that assure quickly to market. It puts the product developers under real pressure to develop new design and get them distributed quickly. Market can be the difference between failure as well as success. It is an ideal way for the people to manufacturer low volume without any hassle. You can manufacturer the parts without limited time and also market it quickly.



During the production, the manufacturers find lots of design aspects which you need to alter. It allows them to make some changes without impacting the complete order. You can use this production method to manufacturer low quality of parts.


Bridge production

Another advantage of using low volume manufacturingis that it offers an option for the manufacturer to bridge production. It helps to boost the volume and the manufacturer has chance to streamline great practice to save money. You can manufacturer the parts without affecting the quality of product.


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