Brief Introduction to the Characteristics of Silicone Prototypes
By Nice Rapid | May 11 , 2020

1.High temperature resistance: Applicable temperature range -40°C ~ 230°C, can be used in microwave ovens and ovens.

2.Long service life: The chemical properties of the silicone material are very stable, and the products made have a longer life than other materials.

3.Soft and comfortable: The silicone material has good softness, the product is comfortable to touch, extremely flexible, and does not deform. 

4.Variety of colors: different beautiful colors can be prepared according to customer needs.

5.Low temperature resistance: The minimum critical temperature of ordinary rubber is -20°C ~ 30°C, but silicone rubber still has good elasticity from -60 °C ~ 70°C. Very low temperature, such as low-temperature sealing ring, etc.

6.Electrical insulation performance: Silicone rubber has a very high resistivity, and its resistance value can remain stable in a wide temperature range and frequency range. At the same time, silicone rubber has good resistance to high-voltage corona discharge and arc discharge. Such as high-voltage insulators, TV high-voltage caps, electrical components, etc. 

7.Thermal conductivity: When adding certain thermally conductive fillers, silicone rubber has good thermal conductivity, such as heat sinks, thermally conductive gaskets, thermal transfer rollers for copiers, fax machines, etc.

8.Radiation resistance: The radiation resistance of silicone rubber containing phenyl is greatly improved, such as electrical insulated cables, connectors for nuclear power plants, etc.

9.Easy to clean: Silicone products produced by silicone can be restored after being rinsed in clean water and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. 


Above are the characteristics of silicone rapid prototypes. If you have some prototypes need to be made, feel free to contact us at or call us for more clear information!

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