Can We Accept Raw Material From Customer to Do CNC Machining?
By Nice Rapid | Apr 08 , 2023

Case introduction

Last week, one of customer asked us if we have the PPA+30%GF material for CNC Machining. They have some parts must need to be made by PPA+30%GF material. Consider this material is not common in rapid prototyping, we consulted material supplier about this kind of material, we were told there is no PPA+30%GF can be used in prototyping, usually this kind of material is used in injection molding. 


How Should we do when there is no material that customer required? 

We told this news to customer and wonder if customer can change material or seek for some alternative material like PA66+30%GF. Customer told us that their products must require this kind of material, other material is not suitable for the application because of the physical property is very important. Therefore, we got in trouble in seeking for this material. After some talk with customer,  finally the good news is customer can source PPA+30%GF blank plate in their local market and he decide to send the blank to us by express(FedEx, DHL &UPS )We think this is a good idea to solve this problem by using customer’s material. 


Actually we always got this trouble there is no the material customer required when csutomer send CNC Machining quote to us. At this time, we will suggest customer to send the raw material to us for manufacturing, we only charge the cost of manufacturing. And some customers are very satisfied with our quality&service. 


In a word, if you want to do prototypes and there is no material you requuired, you can consider to send raw material to us for manufacturing. 3D Printing and Vacuum Casting seems not work well(because the raw material is liquid) but CNC Machining is a good choice. Welcome to contact us via if have any parts need to made. 

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