China Rapid Prototyping - Why Do We Choose Aluminum Material For the Phone Case?
By NICE Rapid | Feb 21 , 2020

In 21stcentury, what is used most? The answer absolutely is phone. According to the 21st Century Business Herald Channel: Chinese residents have 1.304 billion customers, of which 4G customers have reached 646 million customers. And the number of mobile phone users in China is still rising by 147%. It can be seen that mobile phones have become a part of people and are increasingly related to people's lives.


In the past, most mobile phone bodies were made of plastic, low cost and processing difficulty, so the phone looks very cheap. And metal phone case is very rare. Therefore, what are the advantages of aluminum alloy?


The traditional plastic mobile phone case is not abrasion-resistant, which can easily lead to poor heat dissipation. Pinch in hand, feel bad. At the beginning, the effect is good when using brushed stainless-steel material. But the shortcoming shows the paint of brushed stainless-steel is easy to be fall off, which caused a bad appearance of surface.


However, the aluminum alloy cases just can make up the shortcoming of brushed stainless-steel. It has better heat dissipation, and it feels very good to use, and will not fade. It has strong corrosion resistance and plasticity, which can meet different users and improve user experience.


Generally speaking, most aluminum profiles are non-ferromagnetic, which is very important for relying on electrical and electronic products inChina rapid prototyping. In this way, the case of the mobile phone will not spontaneously ignite, which can prevent the explosion of the mobile phone (such as Samsung) and improve the safety of use.


Aluminum alloy cases not only have beautiful appearance, but also it is safer. This is why we choose this material in China rapid prototyping. Feel free to contact us at if you have any projects related to phones case or electronic products. We will share more information!

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