Direct Metal Printing Technology - 3D Printing Metal Prototypes
By Nice Rapid | Apr 03 , 2020

The working principle of DMP technology: firstly, a thin layer of metal powder should be spread on the printing platform. The high-precision fiber laser is not simply sintering metal powder in here, it's a layer that melts completely, making it fully fused together. Therefore, there is no need to use any adhesive.


DMP melts metal powder into a tightly integrated whole, when one layer is melted, a new layer of powder is transported until the entire part is processed.


In DMP, the first step should print support, in order to fasten parts on printing platform, then the printed parts and printed material are consistent. After model is printed, the parts can be removed from printed section by using a knife. 


Then how about the advantages/disadvantage of DMP technology?


3D printing metal parts are completely dense, it has homogeneous microstructure, and its density is 99.98% of normal metal parts. In fact, the parts printed using DMP technology are basically the same as metal parts manufactured by traditional cutting or casting methods. 


The main raw material of DMP technology is metal powder, so the surface of printed parts is a little rough after 3D printing, a bit like sandpaper. However, these components need only a little polishing to match the smooth surface of traditionally manufactured metal components.


DPM 3D Printing technology is a forward-looking, variable, and innovative manufacturing technology. The new manufacturing concept and product space it builds are paying attention to more and more different manufacturing industries and is playing an increasingly important role. The only shortcoming is that there are still many unclear difficulties and misunderstandings in actual application and operation. 


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