Enquiry of 3D Printing From Denmark
By Nice Rapid | Jun 03 , 2020

3D Printing, it is a very useful and convenient technology. And it is more advanced than traditional manufacturing methods. Now more and more people like to use 3D P printing technology. Recently, we received an enquiry from Denmark clients, below is the details: 

1 Hello there, I want to do some printed parts by 3D Printing. I have browsed your website, I think you can meet my requirements. 

2 Attached some 3D files that has designed by myself, I need to print them firstly. 

3. The material should be resin, but I open for your suggestion according to the constructure of parts. 

4. Each file 2 pieces. 

5. How about the surface finish do you offer? I want to these parts need to be colored, can you suggest the suitable method to me?

Yes, we are capable of printing parts and we have 3D printer in our factory. We can provide high quality products and can meet your requirements. Please feef free to contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooing.com if you have any parts need to be printed, we looking forward to your enquiry!

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