Enquiry of Injection Molding From Canada
By Nice Rapid | Jun 15 , 2020

Recently, we received an enquiry from Canada customer about injection molding technology. Customer wrote detailed information regarding to the products, it is very usefully for us to work out quotation fast. Please see below: 

1. There are 2 parts to be injected; 2 halves of a housing for an electronic sensor 

2. What we want is: - make a mold for the 2 parts - have them injected in quantities of approx 7000/year - parts shipped to Canada - 

3. Material = non-transparent polycarbonate, color = light gray 

4. Important note: the 3D models provided have not been optimized for the injection manufacturing. They represent the parts' shape and size and are for quotation purposes only.

5. Please let me know if you need other information. I am anticipate an early reply. 

NiceRapid is a professional rapid tooling and rapid prototyping company, we provide services of plastic injection molding, compression molding and liquid silicone mold. If you are interested in these technology, please don't hesitate to contact us at enquiry@@nice-rapidtooling.com to get free quote. 

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