Enquiry of Rapid Prototyping ( Aluminium Products ) From Italy
By Nice Rapid | May 16 , 2020

Nice is specialist in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling. We help to customer to make custom products. Recently, we received an enquiry of aluminum products from Italy clients. 

1.Hello, We would like to receive a quote for some aluminum custom parts. 

2. Attached the files in IGS format, and following the specs: Base adj.IGS 200pcs light blue Base v3.IGS 200pcs light blue Formula back cover v2.IGS 25pcs black GT cover v2.IGS 50pcs black Hub v2.IGS 100pcs light blue Leva v4.IGS 200pcs light blue 

3. Can you do color anodizing as well? If yes just next to quantities you can see the color we need. Material info and finish: In the "GT cover v2" and "Formula back cover v2" the surface finish of the internal pocketed part is not critical. 

4. If small fillets are not machinable that's not an issue, we can scrap them. Material aluminum series 6000 or similar, not critical. Tolerance ± 0.10 mm would be ok. Shipping to Italy Thanks.

Do you have rapid prototyping parts need to be made? Do yo have custom parts need to be made? Feel free to contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com to get a free quote!

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