Enquiry of Rapid Prototyping From Canada
By Nice Rapid | Jun 01 , 2020

Are you looking for a manufacturer that who is capable of providing rapid prototypes? Do you have prototypes need to be made? Recently, we received an email from Canada customer. Below is the detail:

1. Material: Aluminum 

2. Quantity: 2. I have lots of parts can be provided to you if the 2 parts work well. 


3. Color: black

4. Surface Finish: best available 

5. Holes: 2X 1/4 NPT Female, 4X M3, 4X M6 

6. For quote only, will provide 2D drawing later. But if 3D models are required, I will provide as well. 

According to customer's requirements, he will need a quote based on 2D drawing, it is ok. If you do not have 3D models during the stage of quoting, don't worry it, we can quote according to 2d drawing. Feel free to contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com to get free quote. 

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