Enquiry of Rapid Tooling From UK
By Nice Rapid | May 20 , 2020

Many clients will want to do prototypes before go into mass production ( rapid tooling ). Recently, we received an enquiry from UK client. here are the details: 

1. Hi Dear, We are working on a start-up idea, which is a smart switchboard. We made the PCB and now we are working on the design of (plastic) panel. 

2. There will be three components: 1) The straight main plate on which PCB will be attached. Dimensions: 15x 10x 6 cm 2) Roughly square shape back cover to hide/ protect the PCB. It will be attached to the back side of the plate. Dimensions: 11x 8x 3cm 3) Front cover to give finishing look and to hide the screws of the main plate (after it is mounted on the wall). 

3. Dimensions: 15x 10x 0.5 cm We currently do not have any CAD file. Above is the rough plan of the product casing. We want to build 10 prototypes for testing. If it is successful then we will order more or after removing the errors. 

4. Here is the summary: 

 • 3D Drawing- Not available now (Please suggest us which file format is required) 

 • Quantity: 10 

 • Material: ABS or any other (We need your advice) 

 • Color: Any • Surface Finish: For front cover, it should be good. Please tell us the following things: 

 • file formate for 3D drawing, 

 • how much time you take to manufacture and ship. 

 • the accuracy/precision of design. 

 • what will be the estimated cost of prototype and final low volume (1000+) production. 

5. Please send us quote. We really value your advice, as you are expert in this area. Looking forward to hear from you soon and hoping for a good interaction in future.

If you have above questions or any requirement, feel free to contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com to call us (86) 760 8996 2989. Welcome to your inquires. 

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