Explain to You About Automate Order Procedures for 3D Printing
By Nice Rapid | Apr 12 , 2021

Automation is a big part of many modern businesses. 3d printing does not have the luxury of being the exception. By implementing a system with 3D printing automation software, you will have a lead among most of the manufacturing industry players. We explain how automation can help you in these top five, so sit tight and read on!

You Will Centralize Tracking for your Orders and Make Them Visible

By placing automated workflow management software, you will make all of your orders more visible and organized. Your clients' request is all in one place from now on, so you don't have to deal with any scattered orders, misplaced spreadsheets, posts it notes, or printed e-mails. The system will keep everything tidy and clean for you with a quick search.

You Will Streamline 3D Printing Costs and Offer Precise Quotes

A well-implemented 3D printing workflow software will speed up calculating costs for all your projects and sending realistic quotes to your clients. The only input you have when you set up this system is the parameters required to make it work such as the 3D printing system that will be used, the materials, production time, the number of pieces, and all the post-processing work required on it.

The most advanced software allows you to run file analysis to make sure the CAD/Cam files received are compliant with international regulations or if the prototype requires a bit of tweaking. While the program cannot run an automatic fix on these files, the time saved will get you ahead with the project and make the client happier.

The Communication with Your Clients Will Improve

One of the greatest benefits of workflow software for 3D printing is the ability to set up a catalog of templates for them to check using a custom PDF library that can be set up using something as basic as an e-mail. If the customer has a good idea about what they want and it's already in your catalog, the back and forth will take less time on your end, and you'll be able to process an order after just a few clicks.

You Can Offer Prioritization to 3D printing Requests

With 3D printing workflow management software, you will have the possibility to prioritize requests. That way, you can make sure that your top clients are always kept happy by processing their requests first. Request prioritization will also add fluency to the teamwork since they no longer will have to go back and forth between inboxes, trying to decide what to do next.

In-House Communication Will Improve

3D printing workflow automation solutions make communication easier than it's ever been with the rest of the people in your workshop. The integrated communication tools allow your team to add notes post-meeting and make specific annotations to the project sections. You will keep all the information in one place, updated in real-time. 

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