Five Advantages of 3D Printing Technology
By Nice Rapid | Jun 09 , 2020

Advantage 1: There is no additional cost when printing complex products. Compare to the traditional manufacturing, the more complex products, the more cost. But for 3d printing, there is no additional cost because products with complex structures are also completed within a certain period of time. 

Advantage 2: No need to assembly.  The assembled products can be printed by 3d printing, it can print the door and its supporting hinge at the same time through layered manufacturing without assembly. It saves assembly, shortens supply, and saves labor and transportation costs.

Advantage 3:  Short lead time. When printing products, multiple parts or batches can be produced at one time, and the printing time is short, which can effectively save time costs.

Advantage 4: Exact physical copy. 3D printing technology will improve the resolution of the morphological transformation between the physical world and the digital world. We can scan, edit, and copy solid objects to create accurate copies or optimize the original objects.  

Advantage 5: Reduce waste by-products. Compared with traditional metal manufacturing technology, 3D printers produce fewer by-products when manufacturing metal. The waste of traditional metal processing is amazing, 90% of the metal raw materials are discarded on the factory floor. 3D printing reduces the metal manufacturing Waste. With the development of printing materials, "mesh" manufacturing may become a more environmentally friendly process. 

Also, 3d printing has lots of other advantages, and this technology become more and more mature. NiceRapid has professional 3D Printer and technicians that who have lots of experience. Welcome to contact us at to get free quote. 

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