Five Basic Points of Injection Molding Process
By Nice Rapid | Jun 06 , 2020


The temperature of the hydraulic machine is the heat energy generated by the friction of the hydraulic oil during the non-stop operation of the machine. It is controlled by the cooling water. When starting the machine, make sure that the oil temperature is around 45°C. If the oil temperature is too high or too low Will affect the transmission of pressure.


The speed setting of mold opening and closing, the setting of mold opening, and closing is generally based on the principle of slow-fast-slow. This setting mainly considers the machine, mold, and cycle.

Speed of injection: Set according to the size and structure of the product. If the structure is complex and thin, the speed can be fast. If the structure is simple and the wall thickness can be slow, the speed should be set from slow to fast according to the performance of the material.

3. Pressure

Injection pressure: According to the size of the product, the thickness of the wall, from low to high, consider other factors when debugging.

Dwell pressure: dwell pressure is mainly to ensure the shape and stable size of the product, and its setting should also be set according to the structure and shape of the product.

Clamping force: It refers to the force required for the mold to close the mold to raise the high pressure. Some machines can adjust the clamping force, while others cannot.

4. Time

Injection time: This time setting must be longer than the actual time and can also play the role of protection of the injection. The setting value of the injection timing is about 0.2 seconds larger than the actual value. When setting, the pressure, speed, and temperature coordination.

Cool down time: This time is generally set according to the size and thickness of the product, but the melting time should not be greater than the cooling time, so that the product can be fully shaped.

5. Position

The position of mold opening, and closing can be set according to the speed of mold opening and closing. The key point is to set the starting position of low-pressure protection, that is, the starting position of low pressure should be the most likely point to protect the mold without affecting the cycle. The end position should be When the mold is closed at a slow speed, the position where the front and rear molds contact.

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