High Quality Die Casting Mould Products from Top China supplier
Nov 18 , 2021

Nice Rapid Tooling Manufacturing Limited is one of the main suppliers of die casting mould. Nice Rapid Tooling Manufacturing Limitedis located in Zhongshan City, China. Through comprehensive one-stop professional solutions, from product conception, die casting mould design and manufacturing, production optimization to delivery, we can provide customers with high value-added quality die casting mould products and services, and to achieve the ultimate goal of comprehensive customer satisfaction. Our company has an efficient team with more than 120 excellent employees; 7 domestic advanced aluminum die casting mould machines from 200T to 1250T, 10 imported precision CNC machining China centers and more than 8 high-precision lathes. We can provide customers with: die casting mould product design and development, die casting mould manufacturing and die casting mould product die casting, deep processing, surface treatment integration services. Especially lighting accessories, medical appliances, household appliances products exported to the United States, Italy, Germany, Canada and other countries.

die casting mouldNice Rapid always firmly believe that: Quality is the basis of enterprise survival, integrity is the fundamental development of enterprises. Continuous technical innovation and die casting mould product optimization. Let customers trust the die casting mould product, satisfied with the company. Realization: Improve customer’s brand with our quality. We always pay attention to the internal enterprise management and die casting mould product quality control. With a group of highly professional and experienced workers taking charge of the design, drawing draft & modification, production and quality control, we are able to meet all of our customers’ requirements. Advanced technology, years' experience of fast and timely service, high quality die casting mould products, high-efficient management help us to received good feedback and gained good reputation from customers across the world.

Nice Rapid Tooling Manufacturing Limiteddeveloped mainly medium-sized precision die casting mould and parts. The company covers an area of 8000 square meters, Plant construction area of 12, 000 square meters, now has more than 150 staffs, including technical staff of 30 people. We are a manufacturer of the high pressure aluminum die casting mould, the process we did include the die casting mould design, die casting mould production, die casting, CNC machining and the surface treatment which like powder coating, painting, chromating and so on and assembly. We can provide one complete production line from the drawing to the finishing parts. And parts for the auto parts, general machinery parts, communication equipment, outboard boats, LED lighting and appliance industry supporting die casting mould, all die casting mould products exported to all over the world. For die casting mould,Nice Rapid has workers to accomplish our ambition. Die casting mould design, die casting mould processing, inspection, die casting, surface treatment will be finished in one factory. That would save a lot cost and time for our customer.

We work closely with customers on engineering, manufacturing and supply chain. Please feel free to contact us for your parts, no matter big or small. You're always welcome to visit our factory.

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