History Of Nice Rapid

Nice Rapid Tooling Manufacturing Limited was founded by Steven Zhang and Kun Lin in China. Nice Rapid is a one stop shop for all rapid manufacturing services company that helps companies in need of rapid prototyping, low-volume manufacturing and rapid tooling solutions.

Rapid Tooling

Nice Rapid Facilities 2016

The timeline below chronicles our path through the years:

  • April 2012: NICE Rapid Tooling China Limited is original from Xin Lian Xing which was set up by Kun Lin
  • May 2012: Receipt of the company’s first drilling machine, grinding machine and milling machine. This will launch Xin Lian Xing as the rapid manufacturing service.
  • March 2013: Two CNC machines added
  • June 2013: Two injection moulding machines and one optical measuring machine added
  • August 2014:Two new CNC machines, two new injection moulding machines and CMM added
  • 30 January 2015:Steven Zhang joined forces with Xin Lian Xing and renamed it as NICE Rapid Tooling Manufacturing Co., Limited, then start the new story of Rapid Tooling and rapid prototyping manufacturing…
  • April2015: Jason Zhu joins the Company as Technical Technical Sales Manager.
  • April 2015: Eric Chen joins the Company as Project Manager.
  • May 2015: Purchase of four EDM machines and two milling machines, adding to our growing list of plant and machinery, further increasing our machining capabilities
  • October 2015: We employ over 40 employees, 4 CNC machines, 4 EDM machines and 4 injection moulding machines and 900 sq facility

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