How to Estimate The Price of 3D Printing Prototypes?
By Nice Rapid | Apr 18 , 2020

3D Printing, with its advantages of high speed, high accuracy, and high complexity, has gradually become one of the cutting-edge industrialization technologies, and continues to promote the further development of industrialization. However, the types of materials suitable for 3D Printing are still limited. There are mainly engineering plastics, photosensitive resins, rubbers, metals and ceramics. At present, photosensitive resins and engineering plastics are still mainstream. 

Then, how to estimate the prices of 3d printing prototypes?

Generally speaking, 3D printing is charged by grams (that is, weight). So, when we provide a quote with customer, we need the 3D file from customer. Then we calculate the weight of 3D model and multiply it by the price of material, which is the final printing price. Of course, different materials with different prices; the same materials are also divided into domestic and imported, good accuracy and bad accuracy, this price will also be different. Metal is definitely more expensive than plastic.

Besides, there is a special case that the prices will not be calculated by gram. It depends on the complexity of the product, such as hollow parts, volume parts, fully transparent parts, etc. This is because these products are more complicated. The labor cost of sanding is relatively high after printing, and these costs need to be considered.

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