How to Get a Metal Part to be Manufactured by CNC Machining?
By Nice Rapid | Jul 13 , 2023

CNC Machining is commonly used in industry design. We have lots of metal materials are available, like Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Copper, Zink Alloy and so on…Above on these materials, Aluminum 6000 series is widespread by our clients. So, today let introduce how a metal component is manufactured by CNC Machining


For example, an enquiry from one client wants to make a metal case which using Aluminum 6061-T6, including black anodization and engraving letters by CNC Machining. The prototypes quantity is 10pcs for verifying design, the orders can be more when parts work well. Absolutely, it is no problem for us to take small orders, we can even take 1pcs order to help you verify design. When received client’s enquiry, there are some steps we need to do. 


Reviewing Construction of Components from CAD file

After receiving the CAD files from clients, the first thing we will do is to review the construction of components. This is to help better in program setting. Engineers need to pay attention to some features, like countersink hole, chamfer, threading types and undercuts…These features will have effect in manufacturing. 


Evaluating Manufacturing methods on CNC Machine

After having the components of CAD file checked, next we need to evaluate manufacturing methods for each component, especially for some complex parts, it is important to seek for a reasonable method to save cost. Also, it can save manufacturing time when good methods. 


To do Post-treatment Anodization and Engraving

After parts get finished and left the CNC Machine, we will do some manual polish to remove burry and sharp edge. And we will do slightly bead blasted before going to anodization, this is to remove some scratches and to make appearance become more high quality.


Quality Control Inspected

We will inspect each part according to drawings after part get complete finished, like dimensions, appearance, chamfer feature and threading type…The part can be passed into shipment only all these items got good result. Otherwise, we will redo or fix to make sure it is good quality products. 


Above are the steps we will do for a metal component to be manufactured by CNC Machining, sometimes we will need some extra help in 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, Sheet metal to assist us making parts better. Welcome to contact us via to get free quote. 

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