How to improve the quality of prototypes?
By NICE Rapid | Jan 20 , 2020

The quality of the prototype will directly affect the quality of R & D products, input costs and production life cycle. Therefore, companies now pay more and more attention to the quality of the prototype. Let ’s explores the ways in which you can improve the quality of prototypes.

There are many factors affecting the quality of prototype, including the selection of materials, the reasonable use of processing methods, surface treatment processes, and the technical experience of technicians.

First of all, high-quality materials make the prototype more usable, safe, and environmentally friendly, and its life cycle is also guaranteed. At the same time, it can also meet customer’s requirements for product performance.

Secondly, the reasonable use of processing methods, such as CNC processing, 3D printing, and vacuum copying, can combine the advantages of different processing methods to achieve some complex structures and optimize processing!

Finally, it is about the high-quality surface post-treatment. According to customer requirements, these technicians that have lots of experience can make good quality and beautiful prototypes, the prototypes can attract the attention of customers.

Of course, the advanced and sophisticated equipment is also very important to improve the quality of prototype, it has a high accuracy of the prototype, which is better to verify R & D products.

Above are some methods to improve the quality of prototypes!

General speaking, details are very important to make good quality prototypes. If you have any products to be developed and need help, contact us at for suggestions!

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