How to Oxidize Aluminum Prototypes?
By NICE Rapid | Jan 25 , 2020

Most aluminum prototypes are CNC machined, programmed according to the customer's 3D model, and finally subjected to a series of surface treatments to become the final aluminum alloy prototype. Aluminum alloy prototype is one of the most common metal, also anodization is the most common post-treatment. Why do we need to do anodization treatment? What precautions need to be taken during oxidation?

1. What is anodization post-treatment?

Anodization treatment is a chemical reaction that makes the surface of aluminum anodized and hard, thereby forming a film, so that the surface is not easy to be scratched.

2. The two advantages of anodization

One is to present surface from being corroded, the other is to improve the aesthetics of products. After anodization, if adding other post-treatment such as painting, brushed, sandblasted. It not only can make the products look nice, improve the grade of the product; but also extend the service life.

However, there are some things need to be attention before sandblasting:

1. Before sandblasting, the sand type and particle size must be selected.

2. Blasting should be well-proportioned: the blasting pressure should be consistent, the nozzle should move smoothly, and the spraying angle should be the same, and the blasting must not be directly facing the part.

3. The distance between the nozzle and the workpiece is consistent.

4.  After sandblasting, it is subjected to alkaline etching, chemical polishing, anodizing, sealing, and drying.

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