Inquires of Rapid Tooling From Canada
By Nice Rapid | Apr 09 , 2020

Nice Rapid helps lots of customers to prototype their ideas and lunch the products into market. Recently, we got some rapid tooling enquiries from Canada clients, below is the details:

1. We need 8 mold, 200mm*300mm*150mm, 16 cavities, normal runners that splits, we already have the design in 3D cad. 

2. There are 4 ejectors per parts, no mechanism, the plastique material is polypropylene medium density. Minimum radius 0.75mm (1.5mm ball x 30mm long can be use everywhere) 

3. The parts are 50mmx12mmx20mm they are kind of rectangle simple parts, we cannot show the parts for now, but we want to test an idea of the cost of this kind of mold made by you in P20 or SS. 

4. Please send me an idea of the best cost we can have for it, we are using our DHL account for shipping, so we pay before shipping.

NICE is a professional rapid tooling manufacturer in China. It is devoted to providing efficient solutions to reduce product R&D expenditure and timely launch products to the market. We are very pleased to provide services if you want to find a best solution for your ongoing project, contact us at to get a free quote. 

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