Inquiry of 3D printing From Sweden
By Nice Rapid | Jun 05 , 2020

We know that 3D Printing technology provides more convenient for current industry. Meanwhile, more and more customer like this technology. Today we received an enquiry of 3D printing from Sweden customer, below is the detail:

1. Dear supplier, I want to know if you are able to do 3D printing? Do you have some samples that you printed?

2. I want to do some printed parts and the material could be resin. Also, I would like to see nylon material if possible. 

3. Attached please find the files, I need each 5pieces of file. 

4. Smooth surface finish would be ok but I open for your suggestions, I need the parts have no marks. 

5. The shipping address is Sweden. 

NiceRapid is very pleased to provide the service of 3D Printing and we have professional printer in our factory. We can meet your requirements and will provide the good quality products. Feel free to contact us at to get free quote. 

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