Matters Needing Attention When Using Aluminum Die Casting Mould
By Nice Rapid | May 06 , 2020

1. Application of mold cooling system. Mould cooling water can not only prolong the service life of mould, but also improve the production efficiency. In the actual production, we often ignore the importance of it, the operators also try to save trouble, it is too troublesome to connect to connect, not to connect the cooling water, some companies even in the custom mold in order to save costs do not even cooling water, and then caused very serious consequences. Mold materials are generally special mold steel through a variety of processing produced, and then good mold steel also have their use of the limit, such as temperature. In the state of use of the mold, if the mold temperature is too high, it is very simple to make the surface of the mold core early crack, some mold even has not exceeded 2000 mold turtle crack on a large area. Even the mold in the production because the moldtemperature is too high the mold core has changed color, after the measurement and reached more than 400 degrees, such a temperature and then encounter the release agent under the state of cold very simple turtle crack, the production of the product is also simple deformation, strain, sticky mold and so on. In the use of mold cooling water can greatly reduce the use of the release agent, so that the operator will not use the release agent to reduce the temperature of the mold. The advantage of this method is that it can effectively prolong the life of the mold, save the processing period of die casting, improve the product quality, cut down the situation of sticking mold and pulling and sticking aluminum, and cut down the use of the release agent. It can also reduce the loss of mandrel and core caused by overheat of mold temperature.


2, the mold in the beginning of the production process must preheat the mold, to prevent the sudden encounter of hot metal liquid in the cold mold resulting in the emergence of turtle crack, more complex mold can use a blow torch, liquefied gas, good conditions with the mold temperature machine, relatively simple mold can use slow injection preheat.


3, if the moulds are equipped with a neutron control, attention must be prohibited between the die casting machine and mold signal lines have a joint phenomenon, the reason is very clear, in the daily production, it is hard to avoid signal lines touch water, or is the place where joint bandage, easy to break, and then with machine sub, if error caused by signal, light alarm, automatic stop delay time or signal is disorder, the mold very bad. Cause unnecessary loss. The travel switch should be waterproof.

Above are some needing attentions about die casting aluminum mold. Also, our company provide rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and 3D Printing services. If you have any projects, feel free to contact us at!

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