NICE Rapid: on How to Build a Positive Working Environment
By NICE Rapid | May 05 , 2016

An enterprise is a big family. When we are talking about building a positive working environment in this “family outside our own family”, this environment needs to be maintained jointly by employees and the manager. Its manager is the soul of an enterprise, as any major decision by the manager will influence its future development. However, its employees are as important, as it is hard to imagine an enterprise that can develop without the support of an excellent staff. Therefore, the manager needs to work closely with the employees, improve their competence so that they can grow professionally and help with the sustainable development of the enterprise. 

A manager needs to provide the employees with a positive working environment: 

1) Having an in-depth understanding of the employees’ needs The manager can have this kind of understanding through routine communications, meetings, employee complaints, and questionnaires. Only by acquiring an in-depth understanding of their needs, the manager can provide them with effective incentives and making them more active and positive in their work. 

2) Creating a good working atmosphere Everyone is happy to work in such a working atmosphere: a relaxing, harmonious, and free atmosphere; tidy and cozy office/site; team members ready to help each other; simple and clear personal relationships; ready to try without worrying about being reprimanded; little progress and achievement being recognized and appreciated by superiors and colleagues. 

3) Recognition and praise It is human to prefer recognition and praise from others. Little progress made by an employee should be recognized and praised in a timely and sincere manner. While criticizing an employee when necessary, the manager should be careful and tactic not to hurt the self-respect of the employee; usually, such criticism should be done privately. 

4) Trust Trust is an important part of a positive working environment – it is important to trust the skills and capability of the employees to execute a task. Only when they are trusted, can they work harder, more happily and efficiently. 

5) Helping employees grow Most employees hope to grow in their work. It is one of the important responsibilities for a manager to help the employees grow.

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