Principles and Characteristics of SLA 3D Printing
By Nice Rapid | Jun 24 , 2020

Rapid prototyping is a new manufacturing technology, it includes CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting and Sheet metal process. Today let’s know the details of 3D Printing technology. 

The principles of SLA 3D Printing:

The laser beam is irradiated to the surface of the liquid photosensitive resin according to the designed scanning path through the scanner controlled by the numerical control device, and after a layer of resin in a specific area of the surface is cured, when a layer is processed, a cross section of the part is generated; Then the lift table descends a certain distance, the cured layer is covered with another layer of liquid resin, and then the second layer is scanned. The second cured layer is firmly bonded to the previous cured layer, so that the layers are layered to form a three-dimensional prototype. Taking the prototypes from resin and have them solidified, we can get the products by polishing, plating, painting or colored post-treatment.

The characteristics of SLA 3D Printing:

1. Visible of design: it can transform design ideas into product prototypes with certain structural functions or directly manufacture parts at the fastest speed, so that product design can be quickly evaluated, tested and functionally tested to shorten the development cycle of product development and reduce development costs.

2. Highly flexible: Driven by CAD data, it can realize the manufacture of prototypes with arbitrarily complex shapes. To produce part models of different shapes, simply change the CAD model, readjust and set parameters. 

3. Free-form manufacturing: The forming process does not require special fixtures or tools, and no human intervention is required.

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