Prototypes - The Difference Between Anodization and Painting
By NICE Rapid | Jan 27 , 2020

Anodization and painting are the common port-treatment in making prototypes.

Paining is to spray an oil on surface, we can spray color according to the pantone color that customers provided.

Anodization is a chemical treatment that for aluminum products, we will put aluminum products into anodization pool, then aluminum will be corroded; the aluminum products can be changed color by oxidizing reaction.

Although the two methods can make products to be colored, there are still exist difference. 

Please see below:

1.The two methods require different materials. Paining can be applied to many materials, such as plastic, metal and resin etc… but only aluminum can be anodized.

2. Different persistence of color. Because paint is just a layer of painting on the surface of products, it will fall off over time.  Anodized products have a surface film after anodization reaction, it is a very stable and very difficult to be anodized again by air, so the surface color is relatively stable, and it is not easy to fall off.

3. Different surface effect. The anodized products have metallic texture, looks very nice and good quality; However, the painted surface is not very well, usually the color can only be similar 80% to anodization.

We have profession technicians to take charge the two post-treatment (painting and anodization), they have lots of experience. Feel free to contact us at if you have any products need to be painted or anodized, we welcome to your enquiry!

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