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By NICE Rapid | Jan 27 , 2020

Silk screening, it refers to use silk as a basic printing plate, then the ink of silk holes on printing plate with pattern can be through, non-pattern of silk holes cannot be trough. Using this theory to print.

Silk screening consist of five major elements: screen printing plate, scraper, ink, printing table and printed material.

And it has some advantages as below:

1. Not limited by the size and shape of printed material in rapid prototyping.

Generally printing, can only be performed on a flat surface, but things with a shape can be silk screen printed.

2. The printed plate is soft and small printing pressure; silk is soft and flexible, too.

3. Strong ink coverage can be used for pure white printing on all black paper with strong three-dimensional effect.

4. Strong adhesion. Applicable to all types of inks, flexible printing methods.

5.Strong optical rotation resistance can keep the gloss of printed matter, suitable for long-term display, such as advertising board!

6. Printed plate is easy to be made, cheap price, easy to master technology.

7. Can be printed by hand or by machine.

If you are interested in silk screen for your rapid prototyping, please contact us at to learn more details!

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