Rapid Prototyping Models - What Drawings Are Needed For Manufacturing?
By NICE Rapid | Feb 24 , 2020

When designers want to develop a new concept product, usually they will choose to make a prototype to verify the actual product. Then they can find out the defects and deficiencies of the design. Therefore, what drawings are needed to make rapid prototyping?


First of all, if a designer wants to design a new concept product, they will design a 2D drawing plan. The format can be DXF or PDF. These files can show the basic profile, dimensions and different sections of the product. However, for some more complex parts, although these features can be showed on drawings, it is difficult to be used in production.


Therefore, 3D models are required in making prototypes. The 3D model is also called a three-dimensional model, which can be superimposed and separated by the visual imaging system of the eye. The programmer uses 3D model to understand the size of each part, the complexity of the internal structure and the appearance, so as to determine the materials and processing time required for the production of the prototype model. In this way, we can provide quote and accurate lead time to customer.


General speaking, we can make prototypes as long as 3D models are provided. However, when you have other special requirements, it is very necessary to be able to provide 2d drawings. For example, some metal products, some holes require high processing accuracy, at this time, customers need to mark the tolerance on 2d drawings; or some holes need to be threaded, it is also necessary to mark the type of threading.


To sum up, 3D model is necessary in making rapid prototyping. Of course, if there is only 2D drawing, don't worry, NiceRapid has professional engineers who can create 3d model according to the drawings provided by customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com if you have requirements!

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