Rapid Prototyping Technology-The Advantages of Silicone Mold
By Nice Rapid | Jun 12 , 2020

Usually we will make a prototype by CNC or 3D printing before making a silicone mold. The we can utilize the prototype to make silicone mold. There is some plastic for silicone mold, such as ABS-like, PA-like, PP-like, PC-like, rubber etc…


Therefore, what advantages of silicone mold? 

1.Short production time

Only the CAD files are provided by customer, we can make a silicone mold in a short time. And we will utilize the silicone mold to copy other plastic products. Compare to production time (30-90 days) of traditional steel injection mold, we can shorten to 90% time.  

2. Easy to be demolding

In traditional metal molds, it is usually necessary to set the draft angle, so that the parts can be smoothly released after forming, especially for parts with deep grooves. Because silicone rubber has good flexibility and elasticity, for parts with complex structure, fine patterns, no draft slope and even deep grooves, the parts can be taken out directly after pouring, without having to add extra draft slope. In order to simplify the mold design as much as possible.

3. Good Copy Performance

Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber has excellent simulation and extremely low shrinkage, can reproduce the fine features on the prototype parts, and basically does not lose the dimensional accuracy of the parts, is an excellent mold material.

4. Fast production speed 

According to the structure, size and complexity of products, usually one silicone old can copy 10-15pcs products. When customer requires big quantity, we can make products during the same time by using several silicone molds, it can effectively improve production efficiency. 

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