Rapid Prototyping - The Production Process of Mobile Phone Shell
By NICE Rapid | Mar 04 , 2020

In recent years, the scale of China's mobile phonerapid prototyping production has continued to grow, and metal mobile phone cases have become more and more popular. China's representative mobile phone brands like Huawei, oppo and other phones, they are not only having exquisite appearance, but also have powerful functions in all aspects.


So, what do we know about the manufacturing process of the mobile phone shell while using it? Let's learn together today.


First of all, we need a 3D model drawing in production. The size, internal structure and complexity of the product can be evaluated through 3D drawings, so there is a rough processing concept.


Second, choose the right aluminum material. We will cut and extrude the aluminum material, precisely mill the aluminum plate to a fixed size, rough-mill the inner cavity, finish milling the shell / inner cavity. And clean up the debris at the corner.


At this time, the prototype is almost completed. Then some post-treatments, such as polishing, sandblasting, two times anodizing, highlighting, and painting, are required to achieve the beautiful appearance.


Now let’s talk about a small question: why do we choose aluminum to fabricate the phone shell?


Because aluminum alloy is relatively stable, a film will be formed on the surface after oxidation. And after anodizing, the aluminum color can be changed to the desired color, which is very practical. Also, some logos can be added on the aluminum shell by silk-screen or engraving.


I believed that you must heard the Huawei or OPPO mobile phone from China market, are you interested in making rapid prototyping of shell?  Don’t hesitate to contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com for more acknowledge!

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