Rapid Prototyping - Three Methods of Drilling Deep Holes
By Nice Rapid | Mar 14 , 2020

In CNC machining, the deep holes of metal parts are very difficult to be drilled directly by CNC. In this time, we need to take some other methods to drill deep holes. General speaking, there are 3 methods of drilling deep holes.


1. Take depth drill to drill holes on special deep hole drilling machine


Dedicated deep hole drilling machine can process 10-30mm deep holes. This method can better solve problems such as tool misalignment, tool cooling, chip breaking and chip removal during deep hole machining, and significantly improves processing quality and efficiency.


2. Sleeve machine tools to drill deep holes


Deep holes with larger diameters (typically greater than 50mm in diameter) should be processed with sleeve machine tools. This method reduces the cutting load, which increases productivity and reduces material consumption. In rapid prototyping, when the diameter is small, the overall welding type is mostly used; when the diameter is large, the assembly type or the adjustable type can be used.


3. Utilizing the universal machine tools with long handle Twist Drills to drill deep holes


The long handle twist drill is to weld the long handle on the ordinary twist drill. Due to the large axial force during drilling, the two edges of the drill are not easy to grind, the quality of the drill's cross-edge grinding is not easy to guarantee, and the rigidity of the tool bar is poor, so vibration is easy to occur during machining, and the centerline of the hole is prone to deflection. Due to the limited chip space of the drill bit, in order to remove chips and cool the tool, the drill bit must be withdrawn after processing for a length (usually 5-10 mm).


Are you having trouble with deep holes drilling for your rapid prototyping? Are you still looking for the professional methods to drill deep holes? Contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com for more information!

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