Rapid Tooling
By Nice Rapid | Mar 13 , 2020

Rapid Tooling is a tool for forming products with a certain shape, size and surface precision in a specific shape. It is mainly used in mass production, although the mold production and manufacturing costs are relatively high, but because of mass production, the cost of each product is greatly reduced.


The traditional method of obtaining the mold by mechanical processing of forging or profile has long design and processing cycle and high production cost, especially for complex shapes or shapes


The mold with inner cavity, forging and processing are very difficult, even cannot achieve the development of modern industry, the mold technology requirements are getting higher and higher, looking at the modern mold technology, is developing in the following direction:


1.The precision of high precision modern mold is required to be at least one order of magnitude higher than that of traditional mold;


2.Long life. the life of the modern mold is twice as long as the life of the traditional mold.


3.High productivity due to the use of multi-station progressive mold, multi-energy mold, multi-cavity injection mold and cascade injection mold and other advanced molds, can greatly improve the productivity, thus bringing significant economic benefits such as four-station injection mold production of plastic soda bottles, per hour can produce more than 10,000 pieces;


4.Complex structure with the diversification and personalization of social needs and the wide application of many new materials and new processes, the requirements for the structure form and cavity of modern mold are increasingly complex. If the traditional mold manufacturing method is adopted, not only the cost is high, the productivity is low, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality requirements of the mold. 2 traditional mould design and manufacturing technology, cannot meet the market demand for the mould, so, for a long time fast, flexible production, low cost, high life, conform to the requirements of the use of mould as mould manufacturing is an urgent need to solve the problem that technology is applied to the mould manufacturing, form a kind of brand-new mould manufacturing technology - based on the good quick die manufacturing technology, is a hot point of technology, a new study.


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