Some Detailed Points You need to Pay Attention Before Making Rapid Prototyping
By Nice Rapid | Jun 08 , 2020

General speaking, rapid prototyping is used in verifying the function. Only after confirming that the product design is feasible through the verification of the prototype, the customer will want to enter mass production. If you want to make the prototype with good quality, short time, and economical cost. Then, pay attention to the following details when making the prototype: 

1. Clarify the performance of prototypes, then confirming material. 

If you need the prototypes can resist high temperature, you need to choose a material that can resist high temperature as well. such as PPS, it can resist 300-degree high temperature. If you want to do transparent polytopes, usually PC and PMMA materials are suitable; Also, if you want to split the products, then you need to choose a material has a strong adhesive.  For example, ABS is a good choice, it has strong adhesive. 

2. Confirming the methods of manufacturing 

Different prototypes require different manufacturing methods. If you have a high requirement of size, then you can choose CNC Machining process. Usually the products that made by CNC Machining have good quality, high precision. If customer want to cut down cost and don’t have a high requirement on size, then you can choose vacuum casting. One silicone mold can copy 10-15 pieces products, fast production turnaround, low cost, which can avoid the risk of building mold. 


Certainly, when some parts have complex structure and cannot be made by traditional methods, we can choose 3D printing. 3D Printing can be formed fast, short production cycle low cost than CNC Machining. 

3. Determining the surface finishing 

Surface finish is a method that can beauty the products at the finishing stage, most of parts need to do surface finish. Some basic surface finish such as polishing, sandblasted, anodization, painting and powder coating...can also show performance and advantages of products, then it needn’t to do some complex surface finish. 

Above three details are very important for making prototypes, we should have good quality products if we can control these details at the beginning of making prototype. Welcome to contact us at if you have any prototypes need to be made. 

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