Summary of Requirements on Mold Design & Rapid Tooling Process
By Nice Rapid | Apr 21 , 2020

The mold design is different from product design, because it is a process design itself. The basic requirements for mold design are:  

1. The mold shall be able to complete the process of parts processing

2. The equipment on which the mold is used shall be specified; and the technical parameters of the equipment shall be complied with;

3. The parts molded during the validity period of the mold shall have the dimension tolerance within the allowed range of parts drawings; 

4. For shearing and blanking dies, the number of cutting shall be guaranteed, and the mold grinding can be executed smoothly;

5. For the molds used for special processes, the use method and precautions prepared by mold designers shall be provided; 

6. In case of special tools needed in mold mounting and dismounting, the drawings of special tools shall be submitted together with the complete mold drawings. 

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