The Advantages of 3D Printing
By Nice Rapid | Mar 26 , 2020

Today, 3D printing is developing in a more efficient, intelligent and rapid direction in prototypes industry. Also, 3D printing technology is becoming a trend and is slowly becoming a new way to change industries.


3D printing, as known as rapid prototyping, is a technology based on digital model files that use solid material such as powder or liquid to build solids layer by layer. It has several good characteristics, such as fast production speed, not limited by the complexity of the structure, personalized manufacturing…


A 3D printer is the device that implements this process. Due to different printing technologies and materials, 3D printers have different printing principles, prototype functions, and uses. The printed products are mostly used for prototype manufacturing, verification, and updated design, also can be made into mold or final products. 3D printing technology has been applied in many fields such as automotive, aviation, medical, mold, manufacturing, and construction.


With the gradual arrival of the era of the big industry, the manufacturing industry is rapidly developing in a more efficient, intelligent and rapid direction. What can 3D printing do? What are the advantages of 3D printing?


3D Printing technology has become an effective method of modern models, mold and products by combining with CNC Machining, die casting, metal cold spraying, silicone molds. And it has a widely application field in aerospace, automobile, home appliances, medicine, culture creativity. 


We can provide a variety of materials according to different 3D printing technologies, covering more than 120 kinds of materials, including: plastic, nylon, metal, wax, composite materials, etc. Each professional 3D printer is equipped with a large number of specialized materials to meet a variety of 3D printing.


Reduce manufacturing time, reduce production costs, manufacture more complex parts, personalized manufacturing requirements, clean and environmentally friendly.


Now 3D printing prototypes are recognized and accepted by more and more people. Whether it is industry or life, 3D printing subverts traditional methods and releases people's imagination. It will redefine people's "manufacturing" and " intelligent manufacturing "the concept of.


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